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Name:Now Playing
Location:Aberdeen, (states/regions/territories), United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Community description:A Harry Potter based freeform OC RPG, born in 2005 on LJ and revived in 2009 on Dreamwidth!
Welcome to the Harry Potter RP community, Now Playing!

With much gratitude to the original creators of HIH Now Playing, and Now Playing on LiveJournal, created in 2005, we bring you the brand new Now Playing Dreamwidth!

Complacency is easy when the world forgets the terror that used to lurk just around the corner. In 1987, Voldemort vanished; conquered, never to return, shattered beyond all comprehension. But his followers did not stop. It is 2006 and there are dark mutterings in corners, whispers of a returning monster, eyes watching in the dark.

Hogwarts has always been a stronghold through all of these times; a last line of defence against the Death Eaters and their ideals. Here, life goes on as normal for the students and every teenage problem that ever crops up in secondary school life. The only question hovering over everybody in those hallowed halls is just one thing - how long can it last?

Every member joining Now Playing must add their character profile to [community profile] platform934 before posting in.

We only have three restrictions to playing:

- A maximum of three characters to start with. We do like character development, and any more than that just hinders rather than helps.
- No erotic content. If it starts getting hot and heavy, go to a private journal.
- No godmodding, puppetting or extra-special characters. We're all adults here, lets play like them!

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