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The noise and bustle of the platform was the same as it was every year - owls hooting, parents kissing children goodbye, the squeals of old friends seeing each other again after the six weeks summer holiday. There was the Hogwarts Express, red and gleaming with steam filling the giant hall of Kings Cross, all ready to take its precious cargo for the long, long ride to Scotland.

It was September 1st, and this was a brand new start for a brand new year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
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Good morning, afternoon and evening ladies and gentlemen!

Here is the very first post of the new Now Playing on Dreamwidth! I'm hoping that this will grow to be as fun as the last Now Playing, and to leave as much of a legacy as the last one did.

As we are starting from the very beginning, the only rules in place are to avoid erotic content (put it in your journal if things start getting hot 'n' heavy), that the maximum number of characters anyone may start with is 3, and that we try and avoid extra-special characters with extra-special powers, and godmodding at any time. We're all adults here - let's have some good game play!

We are starting from September 1st on the Kings Cross platform 9 3/4 and taking it from there. Anyone who is interested in making the community look a little more spiffy or helping out modding, do drop me a line on my journal - [personal profile] threesquares. Have fun, and good playing!


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